• The Wreck of the Association, Look and Learn Magazine Archive
  • The Association by Michael Foreman, Image courtesy of Peter Daniel
  • Sir Cloudisly Shovel in the Association with the Eagle, Rumney and the Firebrand, Lost on the Rocks of Scilly, October 22, 1707, RMG Repro ID 1034
  • German Wood Cut showing the Wreck of the Association
  • 	A Map of the Islands of Scilly. Shewing all the Rocks And Ledges, with the Soundings & Barings, And y e Exact Places wher e The Association Eagle Rumny, & Tierbrand was Lost. These Islands are In Number 53 and but 7 Of them Inhabited by Sidney Godolphin and Edmund Gostello, National Archives in Kew MPH 1/368
  • Diver Roland Morris claimed that it was this map that led him to believe that the Association lay by the Gilstone rock. The chart drawn sometime between 1707-1711 clearly marked 'Association lost' by the Gilstone rock.